Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent


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Step 1 - Orientation & Training

You'll receive the documentation to apply for a foster family license with explanations of each form and how to complete them. Pre-service Training - Twenty hours of training will introduce you to the child welfare system and give you the base knowledge to start caring for children who may have been abused, neglected or otherwise mistreated. Medical Training - First Aid, Adult/Child/ Infant CPR and Universal Precautions certification is required of all foster parents and is provided free of charge by Children's Bureau.

Step 2 - Application & Documentation

During this step, you'll complete your application paperwork and provide copies of needed items such as driver's licenses, insurance and proof of income. Once your application is completed and signed and each family member has had their doctor complete a health verification form, you'll return them to our office for processing

Step 3 - Background Checks & References

Upon receiving your documentation, we will start the necessary background checks and request responses from your references. The following checks will be completed: Local, State, National/ FBI, Sexual Offender Registry and Child Protective Services. We may also have to obtain background checks for previous counties or states where you have lived.

Step 4 - Foster Family Assessment

This final step is commonly known as the "Home Study." Your family will meet with an interviewer who will evaluate your preparedness to be a licensed foster family and will conduct an inspection of your home.

Step 5 - License Approval

The entire pre-service file and the foster family assessment is reviewed to ensure completeness. If the file is in order, the family is licensed and is ready to accept children into your family.